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Ernie Ball, Inc.


Purchaser Planner


Full Time


Purchasers will support day-to-day order fulfillment for specific departments and company locations. The Purchaser will work closely with facilities/maintenance, engineering, production planning and various department-heads to acquire goods and services. They are responsible for managing incoming internal purchasing requests, generating external purchasing requests, and tracking delivery of goods and services. The Purchaser reports to the Purchasing Manager.


Sourcing and identifying appropriate suppliers based on quality, price point, and delivery
Coordinating the purchase and delivery of goods, materials, services, and supplies. As well as issuing purchase order and managing order modifications
Track orders and take appropriate corrective action where necessary to assure on time delivery
Manage supplier relationships
Support and implement day to day purchasing
Receiving and securing quotes from vendors; negotiate prices and terms with suppliers and recommend suppliers with respect to cost, quality, and delivery.
Forecast potential usage of specific parts
Use ERP/MRP and other tools to maintain an optimal inventory of production materials for inventoried items.

Bachelor's degree and experience with musical equipment such as guitars, basses, and effects are preferred. Applicants must also have good oral and written communication skills and the ability to work on a team and on an individual basis. They must have experience with project management including planning, execution, and testing. Must follow procedures and document new code and workflow.


Paid Vacation
Paid Sick Time
Paid Holidays
Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance
Employee Discount
Gym memberships


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