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The Colors of
Rock N' Roll

The world's best-selling guitar strings since 1962

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The Most Advanced Guitar Strings Ever Created

PARADIGM strings are now available worldwide

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Stronger Than

We put PARADIGM strings to the ultimate test

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Think Outside
the Stomp Box

Ernie Ball Expression Series Overdrive and Ambient Delay available now

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Strap in with Italian Leather

Our best selling design done up in luxurious black leather

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Strap In

New straps feature Italian leather, Jacquard weaves, and even snakeskin

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String Theory

Episode 32: Tom Dumont of No Doubt

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Ernie the Cable Guy

Choose Ernie Ball instrument cables for better sound and reliability

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The best players choose Ernie Ball

Jimmy Page. Famously Slinky.

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Be Your Own Guitar Tech

Everything you need to keep your instrument in perfect playing condition

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The Pursuit of Tone

An Ernie Ball and AT&T Original Series. All 7 films now streaming on DIRECTVNOW.

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Three generations of string makers

For more than 50 years our family has been committed to crafting guitar strings in Southern California that shape the sound of rock and roll

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Ernie Ball News

Posted July 20 The Top Six Things We Learned From Watching Ernie Ball: String Theory Featuring Jade Puget

Ernie Ball artist Jade Puget has been playing guitar in AFI for nearly 20 years at this point, in addition to his work in projects such as Blaqk Audio ...

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Posted July 19 Ernie Ball Artists Clean Up At 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards

The 2017 Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards took place last night, and we are proud to see so many Ernie Ball family members are among the …

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Posted July 14 Vans Warped Tour 2017: Week Three Recap

Week three was an eventful one for us on the 2017 Vans Warped Tour, and of course for our PLAY Warped Tour contest winners. The week …

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Posted July 10 “Waiting” Video Premiere From Ernie Ball Artists Picturesque

Guitar Strings Jordan Greenway, Dylan Forrester and Zach Williamson of Picturesque play Ernie Ball Power Slinky guitar strings and Regular Slinky bass ...

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About Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball is the world's leading manufacturer of premium electric and acoustic guitar strings, bass strings, and guitar accessories. Our strings have been played on many of the best-selling albums of all time and are used by some of history’s greatest musicians including Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Slash, The Rolling Stones, Angus Young, Eagles, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Aerosmith, Metallica, and more. Discover which of your favorite artists play our strings by visiting our Artists page.

From budding guitarists to seasoned professionals, Ernie Ball has the strings and accessories that are right for your level and sound. Ernie Ball strings are crafted in Coachella Valley, California using premium materials such as bronze, M-steel, titanium, cobalt, nickel,bronze aluminum, nylon, phosphor, stainless steel, and copper. Our guitar strings come in hundreds of combinations of gauges, materials, and set numbers.

Just search the electric guitar strings, acoustic guitar strings, or bass guitar strings pages to figure out what guitar strings to buy for your guitar or bass. Try the original Slinky guitar strings, the world's #1 electric guitar string. For over 50 years, Ernie Ball Slinky electric guitar strings have been the favorite of musicians across the globe. Or try out the newest addition to the family, Flatwound Bass strings that have the tone of a roundwound and the feel of a flat. For acoustic players, try our classic Earthwood guitar strings. They are the most popular acoustic guitar strings and provide a crisp, ringing sound with pleasing overtones.

You can buy more than just guitar strings. We also manufacture all of the gear you need to get started or complete your guitar rig: guitar picks, pedals, straps, instrument care products, pegwinders, slides, and more. Once you find the strings that are right for you, we have all of the guitar accessories to keep them in top condition and more products to help you in your pursuit of the perfect sound.

If playing Ernie Ball strings isn’t enough for you, be sure to check out our apparel line that features some of our most popular products, such as iconic Slinky guitar strings pack. You can buy hats, shirts...or even a clock rocking the classic Ernie Ball eagle.

Don’t know where to get started? Wondering how to play guitar? Visit the Forum to connect with other guitar players and learn more about how to string a guitar, tuning your guitar, perfecting your tone, how to play guitar chords and more. Players of all skill levels can find resources to help take their sound to the next level. No matter your question, you’re sure to find an answer in the forums.

Ernie Ball products can be found in over 5,500 music stores in the United States. Our products are exported to 120 countries as well. Pinpoint the most convenient location for you to pick up Ernie Ball products using our Store Locator.