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Looking to try a different playing technique? Look no further than guitar slides. Anyone can learn how to play slide guitar and it can really diversify the songs you are able to play. Slides can be used on any guitar, however there are some guitars that are specifically crafted to be played in this way, such as most electric guitars, steel guitars, resonator guitars, etc. The original guitar slides were made from the necks of glass bottles. Today, guitar slides are made from many different materials. Ernie Ball manufactures slides available in glass, chrome plated brass, and steel.

When choosing a guitar slide, you will have to consider material, diameter, and length to see what will be the most comfortable fit and what sound you like the best. Most players wear the guitar slide on either their middle finger, ring finger, or pinky. There are different advantages and disadvantages to all three including how much you are able to mute other strings, how much of the fretboard you are able to cover, what kind of tone you can achieve, etc. Ernie Ball guitar slides come in various sizes to fit whichever finger you prefer.

Glass is the most popular material that guitar slides are made from. Glass is generally the most lightweight material, so it is easiest to maneuver when playing slide guitar. The sound of glass guitar slides is usually smoother and more rounded out, not as harsh as a guitar slide made from metal. However, the thinner the glass slide is, the less volume it will be able to produce.

If you are looking for a rougher, more hardcore sound then check out our chrome-plated brass guitar slides. They come in two different sizes, depending on which finger you want to use with them, pinky or ring finger. These guitar slides are buffed to a mirror-like shine and feature machine-turned edges to make sure your fingers are safe and comfortable.

Our steel guitar slides feature a perfectly rounded nose plus a non-snag beveled back edge to help avoid those annoying buzzes and rattles. They are buffed and finished with a durable and shiny chrome finish. Ernie Ball steel guitar slides come in two different weights medium (6.3 oz.) and heavy (7.8 oz.).

For more tips on what the best guitar slide for you would be, sliding techniques, or any other guitar question imaginable, check out the Ernie Ball forum. Post a question or check out thousands of already answered questions all relating to Ernie Ball or Ernie Ball Music man products.