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A journey through the darkest darks and the lightest lights of a modern day American Troubadour.

Ernie Ball presents an exclusive short film following acclaimed singer songwriter, The White Buffalo over the course of 16 hours in Joshua Tree, California. Featuring 4 exclusive performances including Avalon, The Observatory, NightStalker Blues and I Am The Moon, Where The White Buffalo Roams is a unique look inside the mind of a musician who travels from town to town with a guitar and a handful of songs.

"Playing guitar as I do, like a caveman, I'm very hard on my strings. Ernie Ball PARADIGM strings give me the confidence to know I'll have six strings through the encore."

The White Buffalo

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Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights Available Now

Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights

New album available now

Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights offers up the White Buffalo's strongest material to date, doubling down on Smith's strengths while pushing his sound into new territory. Stripped-down folk. Electrified swamp-soul. Heartland rock. Bluesy boogie-woogie. It's all here, tied together by the super-sized vocals and articulate songwriting of a bandleader whose work is sometimes moody, sometimes menacing, but always melodic.

"My hope is that this album will touch people," he says. "Make people feel. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The darkest darks, and the lightest lights.” - Jake Smith aka The White Buffalo