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Dhani Harrison

thenewno2, Fistful of Mercy

"I'd never thought of myself as a very accomplished guitar player, but I've always played in my own way and it's served me emotionally, I think, as a way of being a person." In this episode Ernie Ball? artist Dhani Harrison (thenewno2, Fistful of Mercy) discusses his love of guitar, influences, and choice of strings and gauges.

J Mascis

Dinosaur Jr.

"I just found by playing the guitar louder, you can get some air moving and it hits your body and impacts you somehow. So I've always worn earplugs since the beginning too, 'cause I wanted it to affect my body and not just hear it, you know?" In this episode Ernie Ball? artist and guitarist for influential rock band Dinosaur Jr., J Mascis discusses his influences, his history with playing guitar, and his Ernie Ball strings.

Kirk Hammett


"It's something that helps define myself to myself. It gives me a real sort of foundation as to what I feel--I believe--that I was put on this earth to do, which is to make music." In this episode, Ernie Ball artist and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett discusses his love of guitar, influences, and choice of strings and gauges.

Clay Cook

Zac Brown Band

"Where all the stars align is where I can have a solo just kill--like really great solo--but also the audience realizes it was a really great solo. When the two world collide, and everyone's happy, and you're really proud of what you did, you can't replicate that." Clay Cook explores his upbringing, influences, and why he's been a die hard Ernie Ball and Music Man fan since the beginning.

Justin Chancellor


"Playing bass for me is the ultimate freedom. When I play music, expressing myself is a lot easier". In this episode Ernie Ball artist and bassist for the legendary hard rock band TOOL, Justin Chancellor explores his early influences and how performing live is the ultimate confluence of emotions.

Butch Walker

"I don't know what makes a guitar sound great...I just know the moment I pick it up and hit one chord if it sounds right. It's energy. When it shoots a bolt of energy through you the first time you pull it off the rack, that's how you know it's right. It's like love at first sight". Butch Walker discusses choosing a guitar in this episode of String Theory.

Joe Bonamassa

"It's not the gear, it's the intent. When you play, play with bad intentions. And when you play, the soul of the music has to come out". Watch Joe Bonamassa talk about his early touring days and lifelong passion for guitar playing in this episode of String Theory.

Mike Herrera


"Music to me is obviously everything I've been doing my whole adult life. It's in everything. It's always there. It's something that we kinda get used to, and take for granted in a lot of ways, but when it's not there you notice". In this episode Mike explores how different gauges of Ernie Ball Slinky strings help him craft his sound from bass to acoustic guitar, his first Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay and his creative process.

Paul Gilbert

Racer X, Mr. Big

"If you're not bending, you might as well be a harpsichord player. With bending you get to pretend you're a vocalist, even if you have a lousy voice." Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big and Racer X talks about the power of the guitar in this episode of String Theory.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

"Guitar playing to me is something that I do that's almost as important as breathing air." Watch our conversation with Kenny Wayne Shepherd in this episode of String Theory.

Bobb Bruno

Best Coast

"It's always going to be a life-long exploration about finding different sounds, finding different ways of playing that interest's my life." Watch the full interview with Bobb Bruno of Best Coast in this episode of String Theory.

Dustin Kensrue


"The way the guitar wants to be played is dynamically. You're physically and viscerally transferring energy into the strings." Dustin Kensrue from Thrice talks about "playing outside of the box" in this episode of String Theory.

Courtney Barnett

"Playing live ends up being energizing and exciting. Trying new stuff live and knowing it could totally fall apart... that's kind of fun when you pull it off." Courtney Barnett discusses playing live and her color-coded songwriting process in this episode of String Theory.

Joe Don Rooney

Rascal Flatts

"You hold that high note and it's just soaring. And it's like, there's the reason why you're put on this earth." Listen as Joe Don of Rascall Flatts talks about the power of music in this episode of String Theory.

Ilan Rubin

Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves, The New Regime

"Music and the guitar are synonymous to me. They are what I do for fun, for therapeutic purposes, for's all that I do." See Ilan Rubin of The New Regime, Nine Inch Nails, and Angels & Airwaves talk about his passion for playing in this episode of String Theory.

Josh Carter


"A lot of people ask me, 'how'd you get that synth sound.' I'm like, 'that's just guitar.'" Josh Carter of Phantogram talks about how learning the guitar enhanced his songwriting abilities in this episode of String Theory.

The White Buffalo

"Guitar playing to me is pretty visceral. It's primitive in a sense. But it really is a vehicle for all songwriting and performance. It's my livelihood." Jake Smith aka The White Buffalo discusses his songwriting process and more in this episode of String Theory.

Steve Stevens

Billy Idol

"The guitar is one of those instruments that's just endless. There's always more that you can do on it." Steve Stevens reminisces about playing solos with Billy Idol in this episode of String Theory.